Au Pair at Home bases its salary recommendations on market-related research but also take into consideration the au pairs financial requirements. We will advise you of the expected salary required by the candidate you choose to employ. 


8 hours Monday – Friday                                                               R12,900

7 hours Monday – Friday                                                                R11,200

6.5 hours Monday – Friday                                                            R10,400

6 hours Monday – Friday                                                                R9,600

5.5 hours Monday – Friday                                                             R8,800

5 hours Monday – Friday                                                                R8,000

4.5 hours Monday – Friday                                                             R7,200

4 hours Monday – Friday                                                                R6,400

3.5 hours Monday – Friday                                                             R5,600

3 hours Monday – Friday                                                                R4,800

2.5 hours Monday – Friday                                                             R4,000

2 hours Monday – Friday                                                                R3,600

Please note: any au pair working 2 hours or less per day (i.e. 10 or less hours per week) will have a salary calculated at the rate of R85.00 per hour.

Daily Au Pairs (per hour)

Monday – Friday                                                                                           R75.00/hour

Weekends and Public Holidays                                                                   R85.00/hour

Stay-over                                                                                                       R160.00/night


Driving only (and not or part thereof)                                                          R110.00/hour

Tutors                                                                                                             R155.00/hour

Facilitators                                                                                                     R85.00/hour

Night Nurse                                                                                                   R500.00/night

Au pairs do not necessarily have to work a 5 day week, if your requirements are for a shorter week or hours, please contact us for a quotation.

Our Placement Fee:

Please see our placement fee detailed in our terms and conditions attached to our application forms.

This fee is only liable once you have interviewed the potential candidates and have agreed to engage an au pair.    Au Pair at Home's placement fee is equivalent to one month’s salary which is paid to your au pair/ child carer.  This is explained more fully in the attached terms and conditions.  The placement fee is payable immediately upon your agreeing to engage an au pair.

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