Code of Ethics and Conduct

We expect all au pairs working with, or joining Au Pair At Home, to conduct themselves with the highest sense of integrity and responsibility when dealing with families.

Au Pair At Home would also encourage you to conduct yourself according to these code of ethics:

  • To reflect on the ethical responsibilities of childcare professionals.

  • To maintain confidentiality and respect the right of the family to privacy.

  • To respect the rights of children as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and commit to advocating for these rights.

  • To act in the best interests of all children and to ensure their protection and wellbeing

  • To listen to and learn from families, acknowledge and build upon their strengths and competencies, and support them in their role of nurturing children.

  • To recognise the rights of families to make decisions about their children.

  • To recognise children as active citizens participating in different communities

  • To encourage and be respectful of the special relationship between children and their families and incorporate this perspective in all your interactions with children.

  • To acknowledge the uniqueness and potential of all children.

  • To be sensitive to the vulnerabilities of children and families and respond in ways to empower and maintain their dignity.

  • To develop partnerships with families and engage in shared decision making where appropriate.

  • To continually undertake self-reflection with regards to how you conduct yourself whilst at work.

  • To prepare for the hours you spend with the children in your charge, ensuring a plan of stimulating, educational and fun activities - bringing in new ideas from your own creativity, books or from engaging with others.

Guidelines for Au Pairs

Below is a list of guidelines for Au Pairs to take into account for your new placement. It is very important that you read these guidelines carefully and try to follow them as best as possible. 


  • Be SUPER conscious of safety at all times

  • Have responsible fun

  • Switch off your cell phone

  • Be very organised and pay attention to the details of your job description

  • Have a valid first aid certificate

  • Keep a log of all monies spent along with the slips in a book specifically for this purpose - essential!

  • Keep the parents informed of your whereabouts with the children


  • Think au pairing is a glorified form of babysitting.

  • Watch television with or without the kids.

  • Sleep on the couch

  • Leave a mess for others to tidy up.

  • Use your cell phone other than for job related reasons.

  • Be late to pick up kids from anywhere.

  • Call last minute and tell a working parent that you are ill.

  • Make every outing about spending money - shopping malls etc - be creative!

  • Talk to the children about your problems.

  • Swear or talk badly in front of children.

  • Wear inappropriate clothing, face piercings or visible tattoos

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