Why You Should Hire an Au Pair

  • It allows you to focus your family childcare needs around home-based care as opposed to outsourcing to crèche's or after-care facilities

  • Hiring an au pair to care for your children's needs, allows you to come home and spend mutually enjoyable quality time with your children, ensuring a wholesome family life

  • Having the support of an au pair whose sole task it is to love, care, educate and give undivided personal attention to your child/children allows them to grow to their full potential

  • The right au pair who has similar values to your family will provide consistency in your children's upbringing

  • You will have peace of mind knowing your child/children have safe and secure transport, as well as knowing their whereabouts, at all times

  • If you are a large family the assistance of an au pair may allow your children to get involved in extra-mural activities, otherwise not possible

Au Pair Duties

The duties of an au pair vary from family to family and the ‘norm’ is different for everyone. The child’s developmental and emotional needs are of utmost importance throughout all the age groups. Regular feedback from the au pair should be mandatory either in written or verbal form depending on the family's preference.

During the agreed upon working hours:

Primary responsibilities - any duty that concerns the child/children depending on age, for example:

  • feeding

  • playing age appropriate games

  • doing fun activities that keep the child fit and healthy

  • collecting from school/taking to extra murals

  • homework supervision, test/exam preparation, research for projects

  • packing school lunches and bags for the next school day

Secondary responsibilities - any duty that assists the general functioning of the household, for example:

  • shopping

  • running errands

  • preparing meals

  • home organisation

All candidates interviewed by Au Pair at Home receive a brochure on ‘Au Pairing the Real Way’ detailing, among other things, how to set up a weekly programme. You are welcome to request a copy from us. 

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