1. What are the benefits of hiring an au pair for my family?

  • Your children have their daily needs taken care of whilst you can focus on your work during the day and spend quality time with them later.

  • Your children have schedules that clash and you need assistance to effectively coordinate your busy family life

2. What can the au pair do for the family? What roles can she/he play in assisting my children and family?

There are no set rules but the au pair is primarily there to tend to all the children's needs during their working hours. Read our section on "au pair duties" for further potential roles. Click here

3. How do I go about choosing my au pair?

Please read our section "our process" for all relevant information.  Click here 

4. What are the costs in hiring an au pair from Aupair at Home?

Please read our section "salaries" for all relevant information. Click here

5. Who is the employer of the au pair?

The family is the employer, Aupair at Home is the recruiter.

6. Will many au pairs in our child/children's life be upsetting?

An au pair placement is generally a year plus. However, unforeseeable circumstances can necessitate the au pair leaving before then. How the child reacts to an au pair leaving also depends on the parents approach to their departure. An au pair does not replace a parent and if the parent/s are the core care providers then an au pairs departure should be treated as a natural process of people coming and going in a child's life. A parent should also be mindful of the close bond that can form between an au pair and a child and a proper good-bye process should be adhered to, with the au pair's leaving being due to no fault of the child. The au pair should be encouraged to keep contact.

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