"Your Potential, Our Passion"

We view our au pairs as clients and consider you, the individual, to be as important as the family. With our years of experience, we guide you towards making the right choices from the beginning as well as offering support throughout your placement.

To join Aupair at Home you will need to complete our application forms online with as much detail as possible. Your childcare and work experience is important and so are your personality traits, your interests and your life experiences.

Once you have completed the application forms, and we have received them, you will come into our offices for a personal interview. This personal interview is vital for both you and your future family placement. Fully understanding your needs and expectations is essential to the matching process with the right family.

The exciting part of placement for us is in the matching, where we present you to clients with your combination of 'talents/traits'. Each family in their uniqueness requires something slightly different, thus the compatibility with you and the family is vital. 

Being placed with the right family is a wonderful "incubator" for recognising shared values and a remarkable growing experience. A place where giving of yourself, your talents and your loving is reflected back to you either via the adoration of the children, the parent's absolute gratitude or your self-acknowledged success due to the positive changes occurring.

Our Support To You


We offer support to all au pairs who work through our agency via telephone, email or a visit to one of our offices from initial interviews to your ongoing placement.

If you feel your job description is unclear, we offer a one-on-one discussion to  assist you to fully understand what is required of you in your particular placement.

You can turn to us if you are uncertain about how best to handle the circumstances you find yourself in with your unique job and we will support you by providing a listening space.

We have adopted a holistic approach where there is a flow of giving and receiving and based on our knowledge we will offer you advice and will assist you with how to address any problems with the parents you work for. We have a vast amount of experience in this field and strongly advise you to consult with us first before seeking advice from others outside the field of childcare. Many an au pair who has worked through us in the last 22 years will testify to that!

Applicants, do you have any questions? Chat to us today!

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