Our Philosophy and Approach to Business

We view our core values and standards of business ethics to be on par with the integrity and standards of professionals in the psychology and educational arenas. See our code of ethics and standards of best practice.

Parents live with the necessity and reality of wanting to grow their careers, but they also want to grow a healthy family unit and provide their children with all they need in terms of education and stimulation - ensuring that their children are kept abreast with their peers.

Children require plenty of care, love and attention with their parents playing the important role of core provider. We believe that an au pair is able to very effectively support this role by stepping in and completing the family circle. Parents have peace of mind that, by hiring the right au pair whose values and approach to child rearing match their own, they are able to maintain a healthy family unit.
Au Pair at Home seeks to raise the standards and expectations of the kind of childcare and education that parents wish to offer their children. We continuously review our approach to doing business in order to remain in the forefront of setting standards of professionalism.


Code of Ethics and Standards of Best Practice

There is no ethical body in South Africa setting guidelines for au pairs  and professional nannies, nor for Au Pair and Nanny Agencies.

We researched abroad for an organisation that we could join but realised that our South Africa version of what an au pair/professional nanny is, is unique and should have particular guidelines that apply solely to our circumstances.

Since our inception in 1994 we have our own standards of best practice and work ethics but have adopted some of the guidelines from the International Nanny Association (INA), the Association of Nanny Agencies (ANA), The Good Nanny Agency Guide (GNAG) and the International Au Pair Association (IAPA). The Early Childhood Australian Inc Code of Ethics resonated with us and where appropriate have incorporated some of their values and ethics.

Our values and their processes:

  • Leadership and excellence

  • Respect and integrity

  • Honesty and openness

  • Collaboration and diversity

  • Justice and democracy

  • Courage

  • Inclusivity

  • Social inclusion of children

  • Social and cultural responsiveness

  • Education

Below ‘Au Pair' shall mean Au pair, Tutor, Learner Facilitator, Night Nurse and Baby Specialist.

In Conducting Business As Au Pair At Home We Strive:

  • To maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in the operation of our business and in our dealings with families and au pairs.

  • To state our terms of business to Families and Au Pairs with clarity.

  • To develop positive relationships based on mutual trust and open communication.

  • To conduct ourselves with the highest standards of integrity, honesty, competence, objectivity and truthfulness in all the interactions we have with our clients.

  • To act in ways that advance the interests and standing of our specialised recruitment profession.

  • To support standards and practices that are fair, non-discriminatory and are in the best interests of children and families.

  • To listen to and learn from families, to acknowledge and build upon their strengths and competencies, and support them in their role of nurturing children.

  • To encourage and be respectful of the special relationship between children and their families and incorporate this perspective in all our business interactions with children.

  • To respect the rights of children as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1991) and commit to advocating for these rights.

  • To keep Family and Au Pair records confidential and to use proprietary information only with their permission.

In Doing Au Pair Placements:

  • To act in the best interests of all children.

  • To recognise children as active citizens participating in different communities such as family and schools.

  • To develop partnerships with families and engage in shared decision making where appropriate.

  • To recognise the rights of families to make decisions about their children.

  • Respect the uniqueness of each family.

  • To be sensitive to the vulnerabilities of children and families and respond in ways that empower and maintain the dignity of all children and families.

  • To only put forward candidates suited to the au pair job in question. Suited by means of the au pair's personality, qualifications and experience as well as meeting the requirements and needs in question.

  • To ensure that all candidates going forward for an interview with a family have been personally interviewed on a face-to-face basis by Au Pair At Home.

  • To implement our strict interview policy which includes: assessing the potential candidate, inspecting original childcare certificate(s) and other relevant certificates, written evidence of references, as well as checks with previous employers or others. Criminal record check. Also confirmation of identity using a minimum of 2 identifications: Identity document or passport; drivers license; birth certificate or a utility bill.

  • To continually undertake reflection, critical self-study, continuing professional development and engage with contemporary theory and practice.

In Supporting Placements:

  • To develop to the best of our ability realistic and practical solutions to problems that may arise for either the Au Pair or The Family.

  • To listen with empathy, patience and understanding.

  • To develop positive relationships based on mutual trust and open communication.

  • To mentor au pairs placed through our agency, if they so wish.

  • To provide, when requested, ongoing constructive feedback and assessment that is fair and equitable.

  • To help, on request with conflict resolution between the parents and the au pair they have placed

  • of all childcare related issues and that their welfare is always paramount