1. What do I need in order to become an au pair?

Childcare experience with contactable references, a driver's license and your own reliable car and a first aid certificate.

2. What is the process once I have been interviewed by Au Pair at Home?

Once you have been accepted by Au Pair at Home as a candidate we will conduct reference checking and start the matching process. This will depend on the availability of positions at that time within your availability and salary bracket. We profile the position to you as well as profiling you to the family. We then set up interview times for you to meet with the family.

3. Who chooses who?

Both sides do the choosing - it is important to feel comfortable primarily with the children but also the parents - the 'click/connection' is important

4. Who is my employer?

The family are the employers. Au Pair at Home, having done the introductions and been the go-between, are now available on an advisory and support basis when required.

5. Do I get paid for the petrol that I use whilst driving the children in my car?

You are responsible to get yourself to the first point (e.g. the school) keeping a log-book for all the driving that you do for the family on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. At the end of the month you must hand in your log book and invoice for your petrol used. We have a recommended Rand per km rate - calculated on the AA rate for petrol including wear and tear.

6. Can I au pair for a few months?

No and yes. Families in Cape Town are looking for continuity and with an au pair building a relationship with the kids so they want a year commitment, sometimes more (a contract is normally for a year).

We do, however, get short-term work with parents going away for a week or needing urgent fill in help. We then use the services of an experienced short termer who is flexible enough to fit into various positions as they arise.

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