Our Process

  1. Complete the application forms available on our website or contact us for the forms to be emailed directly to you.

  2. Once we receive the completed forms we will contact you to discuss any outstanding information.

  3. On request, we will do a consultation at your home where we will discuss in detail your families requirements and assist you with clarifying your needs

  4. We will shortlist candidates that meet your family's needs and specific requirements as we do not believe in sending you reams of CV’s

  5. Once suitable candidates have confirmed their interest in your position, we will contact you to set up interviews

  6. Once the interviews are confirmed, we will email you all the information of the candidates (including detailed application forms completed in our offices, CV’s, reference letters, certificates and any other relevant information)

  7. Your final selection of a suitable au pair will be based on the ‘click’ between the au pair, the parents and the children

  8. We do telephonic and/or electronic reference checks of all candidates; however, we strongly advise that you, the family, contact some of the references yourself as well. You may want to ask questions relating to the au pairs abilities that we have not.

  9. We encourage you, once you have made your decision, to invite the successful au pair to spend an hour or two with your children in order for you to confirm for yourself that the fit is right. We have found that this can also be helpful when you have difficulty deciding between two fantastic candidates.

  10. Once your decision is made the au pair becomes your employee and we will email you a complementary employment contract drawn up by our attorneys. The contract is an important tool whereby both parties discuss their expectations of each other in detail and come to a final employment agreement.

  11. We thrive on challenges and if we do not have the right candidate for you at the time of your application, we will diligently continue the search until we do.

Our Ongoing Support

We see ongoing support of a placement as an essential part of our business; however, we will not intervene unless requested to.

We believe that communication is vital and necessary for all parties. We have a unique understanding of this field of work and encourage both families and au pairs to use us as a ‘sounding board’ when needed. We are able to mediate and problem-solve to help maintain a positive working relationship.

Parents, do you have any questions? Chat to us today!

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