Special Needs / Educational or Learner Facilitator

As part of Inclusive Education in our mainstream school system, there is a demand for facilitators to accompany individual students with special needs, learning or behaviour difficulties in the classroom on a daily basis. 

The Facilitator’s role is to support, guide and assist the pupil towards reaching their potential and independence. The facilitator is often required to adapt class work to suit the pupil.

To apply as a special needs au pair or facilitator you must have:

  1. childcare experience other than your own family, with contactable reference letters.

  2. The extent of your special needs childcare experience will depend on the type of position you are applying for.

  3. Facilitation/Special needs courses/degrees in Education or Child Psychology are a huge advantage.

  4. A valid driver's license and a reliable car to use whilst on the job

  5. A valid First Aid/CPR Certificate is essential if you are going to work with children under 10 years of age. It is advisable to obtain a first aid certificate to work with all ages.

  6. NO criminal record

Qualities a passion for and enthusiasm in working with special needs children.

A strong desire to educate and engage with the children in your charge

Other qualities like a friendly/loving personality, patience, commitment, honesty, reliability, trustworthiness, sensibility and punctuality.

You must be able to take initiative in all situations from emergencies to organising activities and adapting educational methods as needed.

Be in Good Health.

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