5 tips to get pearly white teeth for your tots!

The morning and night routine of brushing your child's teeth can often be a daunting task for parents, that sometimes results in being late for school/work while you beg, bribe or plead with your child to brush their teeth. We were so excited to find these tips from http://www.parent24.com/ on the top five ways to get your tots to brush their teeth without any fuss, making for an easy start to the day!


Most children love a silly song, so don't be shy make one up about brushing teeth! Use the tune of your toddler's favourite song or nursery rhyme and get creative. Toddlers love silly words and actions- the funnier the better. Sing the same song every tooth brushing time, as toddlers also thrive on routine and predictability. It can also help to calm her if a tantrum is about to erupt. 


Toddlers love to look at themselves, so have your child face the bathroom mirror, toothbrush in hand. Not only will she be distracted by her own reflection, she will also be able to see what's going on.


Let your toddler have a turn to brush your teeth first. Giggle and laugh while she is doing it so that she can see how fun it can be. Then take your turn to brush yours. Two-year-olds also love being independent, so you could also let her have a go at brushing her own teeth first. When she is finished, you can give her teeth a quick once-over, maybe even letting her hold the brush with you.


Toddlers often copy their parents, so get your own toothbrush for your little one when it's brushing time and let her watch you brush your teeth. Show her through your smiles and actions and how fun it is. Most toddlers will want to have a go at brushing teeth just like Mom or Dad.


Look in your child's mouth and tell her you can see something in there that she'll find funny: mashed potatoes, pumpkins, sugar bugs, ect. Be silly about it, saying, "We'd better get those giant tomatoes out of your teeth!" Your silliness will distract her enough for you to get in there and scrub those pearly whites. You could also get your child to growl like a lion while you brush the front teeth and open wide like a hippo to get to those back teeth. make it fun! 

Source: http://www.parent24.com/Baby/Babycare/5-top-tooth-brushing-tips-for-tots-20151027